There’s a reason small businesses are turning to fleet cards to manage fuel expenses. If your business relies on vehicles to get the job done, there’s a good chance fuel is one of your biggest expenses. A good fleet card can help you save at the pump, and make it easier to take control of your fuel spend.

Fleet cards are a better way to pay for fuel

Today, you probably pay for fuel with a company credit card or cash. Right off the bat, fleet cards are a safer and smarter payment method.

Cash is easily lost or stolen. You don’t have much control over how much is spent at one time, or where. And unlike a fleet card, credit cards can give you basic info like location and purchase amount, which doesn’t tell you much about your spending. Credit cards are also usually swipe-and-go, with little verification before the transaction. If something’s wrong—say, if the card was stolen or someone buys something they shouldn’t—it might be a while before you know.

Kum & Go fleet card add transparency, security, and control to help keep more of your money in the business, where it belongs.

Here are some of the most popular benefits, and how they could help your company.


Kum & Go fleet cards offer rebates up to 7¢ per gallon (when you fuel at Kum & Go). These rebates are volume-based — so the more you fuel, the more you save. The chart below shows how much you could save, based on a few examples.

Kum & Go  Gals/Month Rebate per Gallon Monthly Savings Yearly Savings
800 $16 $192
2,000 $60 $720
5,000 4.5¢ $225 $2,700
10,000 $600 $7,200
15,000 $1,050 $12,600

Security and control

Kum & Go fleet cards require drivers to enter a PIN and odometer reading for every purchase. This makes sure you always see who spends what, where and when in your reporting, to help curb theft or misuse. You can also control how employees use the card, like limiting purchases by product type, dollar amount, or even time of day or week.

Online accounting and reporting

With a Kum & Go card, your fuel accounting is done automatically, eliminating the paperwork of tracking expenses manually. You also have instant access to a variety of easy to read reports to view online or download to your bookkeeping software.

Switch to a Kum & Go fleet card today to help manage your business, reduce fraud, and save money. There are more important things you should be doing with your time.